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David Patterson - Fine Artist

David Patterson

David Patterson

Old Forge, NY - United States

'My art and photography is a way to copyright my soul!'

I am a very diverse artist, creating soft pastel paintings, digital photography, and colorful glass sculptures.
My digital photography consists of a wide variety of images - Including classic cars, Man Cave items, and scenes from the Pacific Northwest to the Adirondack area of New York. My soft pastel paintings are mostly impressionistic landscapes and cityscapes. I have created over 150 beautiful solid glass sculptures.

Though each painting, glass work, or photograph, has a special meaning to me, I want the viewer to walk away with their own emotions from the work - in this way they also become part of the creative process.

I obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Washington State University, where I specialized in graphic design and photography.

My Websites: Transforming your photos into a vintage look!

My Blogs:
Artistic Renderings
Adirondack Photography
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Please click on the following link for my complete Biography and Artist Statement

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